BedPop Repair Shop comes to the Higgins Bedford 

Got something that’s broken, that you think could be repaired if only you knew how? Do you hate the thought of throwing things away simply because you don’t have the know-how or necessary tools? Then help is at hand!bedpop-repair

Bring your broken toasters, frayed jeans etc to the BedPop Repair Shop and our team of experts will do their best to mend them and all they ask is you pay ‘what you think’.  If you are an ‘expert mender’ and what to get involved then get in touch with the BedPop team!

Thanks to Goldings for sponsoring this community initiative.

We’re used to things not lasting these days and manufacturers know it. A lot of things are, we’re told, cheaper to replace than repair. Without being too conspiracy theorist about it, it seems clear that built-in obsolescence is deliberate and companies have gone to great lengths to make it difficult to mend some of their products. Yes, they want us to go out and buy a new one. And when people are busy, sometimes that seems the easiest option. BUT the discarded TV, hoover, toaster, hairdryer or whatever is quite likely to end up in landfill, and even recycling goods takes a lot of energy and resources. Plus there are some things we might not want to just replace – a favourite item of jewellery, a toy, a piece of furniture, a bike.

It’s true that we don’t all have the practical skills for making and fixing things that were very common a generation ago. But some people do, and they like fixing things! Transition Cambridge, amongst others, has set up a regular ‘Repair Café’ to bring together the people needing help with an array of fixers with tools to do all sorts of repair jobs whether it be mending a zip, fixing up a bike or fixing a hoover. What’s more the valuable skills can be passed on giving other people the confidence to try repairing their stuff rather than binning it. It seems like an excellent way to encourage people’s enthusiasm for a sustainable society in a very practical way. The good news is that repair cafes have set up in 24 countries around the world. Last month the 1000th repair café opened up (in the Netherlands, the same country that the very first one opened in 2009). So…our nearest ‘branch’ seems to be in Cambridge. Bedford is full of ingenious people. Anyone want to start one here? The brilliant people at the Repair Café Foundation offer loads of support and advice.

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