Paul Foot: Bedfringe Festival Q&A


We chatted to Paul whilst he was on the road, to find out about his show at next month’s Bedfringe Festival.


So, it’s your first new show in two years..

Paul: Basically it’s my job, every year or two is to come up with a new show, that is my hobby as well as my job…It’s definitely a hobby because I love doing it; I wake up in the middle of the night all excited about a joke or an adjustment. I would describe my life a bit like every day is a Bank Holiday in which I do my hobby.


You have a society of comedy connoisseurs – your fans

Paul: When I go all around the world, I meet people and they say they’re connoisseurs, they bow to me and I bow back. If they were right next to me, I’d say hello or greetings. But if they were on the other side of the road, I might give a wave. If they were on the other side of the volcano, I’d be very careful obviously. I might shout something into the volcano, if you’d get the right direction it would echo out.

Would you wave like the Queen?

Paul: I would wave more like an asylum seeker calling for help, more desperate.



What can we expect from your Bedfringe show?

Paul: I’ll be talking about school days, ridiculous builders, with their ridiculous behaviors. The film Titanic, a bigoted Spiderman, Spiderman is very bigoted!  Marriage and holiday hell. I have another one (character) who is wise with a long beard, a stockbroker but lives in a nature. Those are some of the silly ideas that are going to be in the show.


How do you put together your snazzy stage wear?

Paul: It’s a bit like a uniform. I always wear silver shoes; I always have mottled trousers, non- matching socks, that’s easy – I don’t have to match them. Then one of my ties, unless I’m doing radio interview, I always wear a bow-tie, I like to look very smart for the radio! Then finally I put on one of my leather or unusual jackets. Sometimes I wear my Hawaiian necklace just to complete the outfit, I mean it is unusual.



On the face of it, people might say your comedy is quite niche?

Paul: I just do my own thing with my comedy; I attempt to create a sort of artistic creative vacuum. I’ve never been someone who is into comedy much, but I respect and love lots of comedians. I just do my own thing really. I never set out to be unusual, if you set out to be unusual, you just fail. I just always set out to do what’s obvious to me and people seem to like it. Most comedians are doing the comedy that they would enjoy if they went to a comedy show – certainly I am anyway.


You seem like quite a positive and upbeat person…

Paul: I do quite enjoy a bit of schadenfreude, I love it when people trip and fall over. I also love it when I fall, I find it hilarious! You’ve got to just enjoy it.


Tell us about any memorable or strange shows?

Paul: One time I did a show in a swimming pool where I was swimming lengths and the audience were sitting on the side in their bathing suits listening to the performance. After the performance the audience jumped into the pool and we had big inflatable things…


What stories have fans shared with you?

Paul: When comedy is working, it’s when people laugh at things they wouldn’t have laughed at before. It makes them see things in a different way…

I had a gentleman once used to come to my shows quite often, who said he used one of my jokes to pull women. He had quite a successful love life on the back of my joke; he wouldn’t tell the women, but I didn’t mind because he was having a good time.


Maybe further down the line he’ll tell The One when he meets her?

Paul: Maybe when they’re trapped into marriage he can reveal that it’s my joke, then he’d be better off married to me.


Tickets: £9.50 – £10.50, Friday, 29 July- 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Bedfringe Festival, The Quarry Theatre


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