Guest Blogpost: Clare Phillips from Boutique Planet

I’ve been working here at Boutique Planet for about 5 months now and I love working for an independent local business. I love working here because as much as I love working with fashion, it’s mostly because I get to engage in a whole community of people. People that are really passionate and enthusiastic about what it is to be a local business.

Boutique Planet likes to foster new local talent and we’ve recently taken on a new line of jewellery from Maker/Designer Jade Hibbert.

I managed to steal five minutes of Jade’s time to talk about what her work is about and she had this to say:

“My work is a result of consistent yet inconsistent methods of making, meaning the processes are the same yet the finished pieces all turn out differently.

My work is also a result of things I haven’t seen in stores yet wished there were places that stocked such items.

All my jewellery is handmade one by one, no casting involved, so I think people have more of an appreciation for handmade finish and design. I like the fact the imperfections are exploited; even pair of studs are not the same, which I find interesting.

I take inspiration from a designer called Alexandra Dodds, a New Zealand designer. As you’ve seen, my work is quite rustic and organic which I prefer as it takes less time to achieve perfection but also I find it interesting when a material takes a natural form, unlike us as humans who try to perfect everything.

I work with mostly Silver (sterling) but have worked with Brass, Copper, Resin Wood and Gold in the past.”

We love Jade’s work here at Boutique Planet and love showcasing new talent.

Jade’s pieces sit wonderfully along side the new season collections in store.

Great Plains knitwear accessorized by delicate silver bangles and White Stuff dresses paired with minimalist earrings. Nothing could be better!

Clare Phillips works at Boutique Planet in Bedford’s Victorian Arcade. Check out their website here and their brilliant blog here.

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