Coffee with Art on the High Street

Sometimes in Bedford these days, you’ll find yourself somewhere so amazing that you might need to pinch yourself to remind yourself that you are not hallucinating, and that we really do have these kind of places. The High Street; much maligned, a bit neglected in terms of style, and generally regarded as not the finest example of Bedford, just got a whole lot more beautiful. Coffee with Art is here.


But this is no ordinary coffee shop.

A wall of books made from sections of salvaged books, a staircase of books and a wall feature with books bursting through a crack gives the whole place the air of a library-style retreat.


coffee with art2

Seating is comfy leather chesterfields, or at tables made from whole slices of tree. The flooring is reclaimed factory floorboards that are 120 years old.

coffee with art3

Beautiful Edison-style lightbulbs hang from the ceiling, providing soft lighting as well as a gorgeous design feature.


The walls are decorated with photography and art, and the plan is to build up relationships with more local artists who want to display and sell their work here.

And the coffee? Well the coffee is GREAT. Served at optimum coffee temperature of around 60 degrees, it is rich and smooth and sweet. There’s a huge selection of teas, and soft drinks and juices. The cake, sandwiches, flapjack and granola bars are all excellent.  The staff are warm and friendly and happy to help. It’s a beautiful space to step into just off the high street, and Bedford is lucky to have it. If you’ve not been in yet, do go and have a peek this weekend.  Coffee with Art is open Monday-Saturday 8.30 until 6pm, and Sunday 10-5.


Of all the things that Bedford does well (of which there are many,) independent coffee shops is one of the finest. Go and show your support for great coffee, beautiful design and local art on our local High Street!

All photos are by Michal Polak, manager and resident photographer! See more of his work on the walls at Coffee with Art.

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