#citizenbedford – Let's do this thing!

On Thursday 11th October, Bedford’s Portas Pilot Town Team held a training session at Bedford College’s South Bank Arts Centre in conjunction with Media Trust to launch the #citizenbedford project.  Utilising traditional, social and new media, our goal is create a multi-layered documentary of our Portas Pilot journey through citizen journalism.

Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to become citizen reporters on Bedford’s Portas Pilot journey.  In association with Media Trust, and with the help of volunteers, we will offer FREE training in film-making, interviewing, social media, writing and blogging, all under the umbrella of #citizenbedford.

No experience is necessary, there is no age limit, there are no barriers and everyone’s welcome to join us.

We got the idea from the #citizenrelay initiative that Media Trust developed in Scotland. They wanted to chart the Olympic Torch relay across Scotland and record the grassroots stories that the ‘big media’ wouldn’t cover. They wanted to find out how people felt about the torch coming through their towns, their pride in knowing some of the relay runners and guage public feeling.  They didn’t have an agenda, other than to report on something unique that was happening in their community.

And that’s how we feel about #citizenbedford. We don’t have an agenda. But we do have a unique opportunity to tell the town, the country and indeed the world about what we’re doing to try and make our town better.

It might just have been me, but the feeling at yesterday’s events was of enthusiasm, inspiration and collaboration. That between us we can do this.  And the more the merrier!

Our first event and training session will take place on 3rd November. Full details to follow on the #citizenbedford Bedford facebook page.

Please feel free to unleash your inner citizen journalist and get invovled.

If you need convincing about how effective people power and citizen reporting can be, check out this case study here.

Want to get involved or get in touch?

email: portaspilotbedford@gmail.com

twitter: @BedfordPortas #citizenbeford (obv)

Facebook: #citizenbedford Bedford

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