The wait is almost over as brewing begins at Wells & Co. flagship Brewpoint site

Brewpoint Wells & Co
Wells & Co's Brewpoint HQ

Brew fans will get a taste of things to come at Wells & Co’s new landmark home as they launch a pop up beer garden ahead of the grand opening.

Although construction of the impressive Brewpoint HQ, has now been completed, Covid-19 restrictions mean that the full launch will be postponed until Spring 2021.

However, brewing on site has now begun in earnest, so the team have found a creative solution to be able to share their new beers and give customers a sneak peek at the new venue with their ‘A Taste of Brewpoint’ pop up which launches on 8 October.

And thirsty customers can book their socially distanced table for six right now via the Brewpoint website.

Peter Wells, Managing Director at Wells & Co., said, “While we’d love to throw open the doors and welcome everyone in for the full Brewpoint experience, safety-related limitations and the ongoing uncertainty around trading during Covid-19 mean it simply wouldn’t be a responsible decision at this time.

“However, we’ve found a way to offer a great introduction to our beautiful new home whilst keeping everyone safe.

“From 8 October, we’ll be opening the external garden area at our site in Fairhill for 11 weeks and inviting everyone down to experience A Taste Of Brewpoint.

“Our pop-up bar will do exactly what it says on the tin; you’ll be able to get a real flavour for Brewpoint via the ground-breaking beers, delicious food, retail opportunities and entertainment we’ll have on offer.

“Just as we’ve done within our pub estate throughout 2020, we’ll be staying on top of evolving government regulations and taking every precaution possible to ensure that A Taste Of Brewpoint offers a safe yet thoroughly enjoyable experience for our friends in the community.

“I’m particularly excited about the acoustic music programme we have in store; it’ll be the first opportunity in several months for most Bedfordians – myself included – to enjoy some top-notch live music in a Covid-conscious, socially-distanced environment, and I cannot wait.”

Wells & Co. have been in discussions with the team at Pad Presents and also blender to put together a live music programme from October until December.

A Taste of Brewpoint will showcase a number of the exciting new additions to the Wells & Co. beer portfolio, including On Point Pale Ale (4.0% ABV) which will also be available in cans from November onwards and Origin Pale Ale, a classic 3.7% ABV session ale which takes Wells & Co. back to its roots as cask brewers.

Origin will initially be available exclusively from Wells & Co pubs and on tap a Brewpoint.

Once open fully in Spring, Brewpoint will house a pub-restaurant, a retail shop, a coffee roastery, company offices and a visitor centre, all focused around the creation of exceptional beer.

Peter said, “It’s time to get excited. Book your tables via our website (, tell your friends, dress for the elements, and we look forward to welcoming you for A Taste Of Brewpoint from 8 October onwards. Cheers!”

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