The Harpur Trust joins forces with Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends and brightens up paediatric A&E

The Harpur Trust have provided a ceiling picture to brighten up the paediatric ward.
The Harpur Trust have provided a ceiling picture to brighten up the paediatric ward

The Harpur Trust (HT) and Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends (BHC&F) have joined forces to support the £1m for Bedford A&E appeal.

Recognising that there would not be much opportunity to hold fundraising events for this appeal, BHC&F wrote to The Harpur Trust to ask for their support.

The Trust responded by providing a back-lit ceiling picture to brighten up the new paediatric A&E and invited the BHC&F to explore a match funding programme up to £30,000 for events organised by and for the Charity taking place in Bedford Borough.

This will be the first time that Harpur Trust has supported a charity in this way.

The match funding, which started in October, has not been announced until now due to COVID preventing an official launch.

At a socially distanced gathering to mark the unveiling of this new ceiling, Lucy Bardner of The Harpur Trust said: “The pandemic has underlined the Harpur Trust’s belief that the people of Bedford all have a part to play in improving life for all our residents, and a desire to do so.

“We hope this match funding scheme encourages people to realise that when we all get together, we can make a massive difference, starting with the amazing hospital we all rely on. We’ll even match contributions made by our staff through our GAYE scheme!”

Ken Williams of The Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends added, “this groundbreaking partnership means that for each £1 raised by the charity the Harpur Trust will contribute the same amount towards the ‘£1m for Bedford A&E’ appeal.

“It is very exciting news that our two long-established organisations have come together to help provide an outstanding A&E department for the people of Bedford and surrounding communities.”

David Carter, CEO of the Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are so very grateful to these two excellent local charities who have joined forces to support Bedford Hospital and the community we serve. Our sincere thanks to you both.

The match funding partnership will run until mid-July.

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