The Brewpoint team are inviting guests to visit their new brewery – virtually


Despite lockdown preventing Wells & Co. from inviting visitors into their new home, Brewpoint, since the building completed in July 2020, the team are using technology to bring the Brewpoint experience to living rooms across the country and beyond.

Over the last 12 months or so we’ve brought you regular updates as Bedford brewing family Wells & Co. brought their new Fairhill home, Brewpoint, to life.

Online venue tours have become an increasingly familiar option during lockdown – online drinks tastings, too – but the Brewpoint team are combining the best of both worlds.

Alongside a live virtual brewery tour delivered via Zoom, customers can enjoy a tutored beer tasting of half a dozen new beers from the range, delivered by the brewers who crafted them.

Tom Foddy, Head of Sales & Marketing for Wells & Co., explains: “Opening a brewery during a pandemic is tough, but necessity is the mother of invention, and we couldn’t be happier with the virtual tour and tasting format we’ve created to bridge the gap until we’re able to invite guests to visit Brewpoint in person.

“It’s the ideal way to introduce beer fans to both our new range of brews and our new home, and with all questions from the audience answered either live or after the event, each tour is a genuinely interactive affair.

“Everyone from individual beer fans to whole businesses has got in on the action; we’ve had several business leaders buy packs for their staff to enjoy an evening together.

“The tours we’ve already hosted this year have been a hit both locally and internationally, including some tuning in from as far afield as Australia and North America – and that has purely been via word of mouth, so we’re excited to ramp things up for our next events.”

To take part simply purchase a specific taster pack of six beers, complete with a branded glass, from Brewpoint’s online shop, then sign up here for a tour date that suits you.

The Brewpoint team will then join you live from the venue on the night to take you on a behind-the scenes-tour, stopping to enjoy a beer with you at various locations on-site and answer any questions you may have.

With more dates already in the works, the Brewpoint team are excited to build on their success to date and introduce many more beer fans to the new range over the coming weeks and months.

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