Letters: “Thank you” from the British Heart Foundation


Dear editor,

The UK’s leading heart charity, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) wants to say thank you to all its fantastic shop volunteers, ahead of Thank You Day (4 July 2021).

Our shop volunteers play a vital role in raising funds for life saving research – without their passion and drive we wouldn’t have been able to fund scientific breakthroughs for 60 years.

The last year has been extremely difficult for the BHF, with the temporary shop closures and we have been truly humbled by the continued support of our volunteers. However, we have 20% less volunteering support than we did before the Covid-19 pandemic and are urging the local community to volunteer in their nearest BHF shop.

The charity has plenty of exciting volunteering roles available, which not only provide crucial support to the BHF retail operation, but it can also help boost CVs, increase wellbeing, and provide a social network within the local community.

Volunteers can get involved in a range of tasks, such as telephone and logistical administration, merchandising on the shop floor and answering customer queries. We also offer online roles for those keen to hone their tech skills, by helping to research, photographer and list items for the BHF’s online shops.

Each year, heart and circulatory diseases kill more than 1 in 4 people in the East of England and currently 670,000 people in the region are living with them. In the BHF’s 60th year, the support of volunteers in our local shops is more vital than ever – whether it is just a few hours a week or more.

As we approach our milestone birthday, help us fund the next 60 years of scientific breakthroughs by giving us the gift of time, to save and improve lives in the East of England.

For more details on how you can volunteer at the BHF please visit bhf.org.uk/volunteer.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Boardman
Retail Volunteering Operations Manager
British Heart Foundation

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