Tell us your coronavirus ‘lockdown’ experience

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Bedford is an area that is considered at high-risk of a second local lockdown.

Like the rest of the UK, Bedford is in ‘lockdown’ as the Government imposes restrictions on movement and social interaction to reduce the rate of coronavirus infection.

But what are your experiences and feelings of it all?

We’d like you to help us collect a social record of day-to-day life in our Borough, in what is an unprecedented time, by writing about your experiences during this pandemic.

What have you changed about your routine? Have you started a new hobby? How do you feel?

Have you volunteered for the NHS? Are you home schooling? Have you joined the Bedford Kindness group in your area?

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How are you keeping in touch with people you used to see everyday but no longer can?

Maybe you’re a teenager missing friends or worried about exams. What is your take on all that’s happening around us?

We’d love for you to share you experiences, which we’ll publish to share with your fellow Bedfordians.

Writing about your experiences will not only be a chance for us to keep a record of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected Bedford, but many may also take comfort to see that they are not alone.

They may feel exactly as you do, and you may even be able to share some useful tips on how to stay healthy, happy and occupied.

How you write your experiences is entirely up to you. But here are some pointers:

  • Please submit photos to accompany the piece
  • Describe who you are? Are you a teenager, a parent, business owner or volunteer. Who you are will help readers understand your point of view
  • Write it in a way that’s personal to you and your experiences
  • You can talk about anything you want. How you feel, what you’re doing differently, how family life is at home, but be honest
  • You can write a diary style piece, a list of ideas, or simply a story, be as creative as you like
  • Try to keep it about 400 words

Send your article to

Submissions from all ages are welcome. Please include your full name and what area of Bedford you live in. We won’t need your street address.

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