Take a deep breath and join a new choir this new year

Take a Deep Breath choir

A new choir, launched in 2019 by the vocal coach of ITV’s The Voice, is looking for new members to join one of their four singing groups.

Run by professional singer and vocal coach, Sophie Garner, Take a Deep Breath choirs meet in Bedford (Wednesday 11am – 12.30pm), Elstow (Thursday 7 – 8.30pm), Olney (Tuesday 7 – 8.30pm) and Emberton (Thursday 10am – 11.30am) and everyone is welcome to join.

“The choir is lots of fun, everyone’s guaranteed a very warm welcome and no experience is necessary,” said Sophie. “It’s a great way to socialise too.”

Sophie Garner
Choir-leader, Sophie, coaches contestants on ITV’s The Voice

Choir-member, Becky Dawson said, “I joined the choir in 2019. I had always enjoyed singing at school – and obviously in the shower – but I hadn’t sung for years.

“I met Sophie at a festival over the summer and her enthusiasm for the power of singing as a group was infectious. When I found out she ran a choir in Elstow I was really excited.
“When I went to my first rehearsal I didn’t know what to expect but as I walked through the door I was greeted with huge smiles and a glass of wine and felt at ease straight away.
“The fantastic thing about Take a Deep Breath is you don’t have to be able to read music you just need to love singing. We have a really varied repertoire from rock to pop and Motown to folk, there is something for everyone.
“As the choir leader, Sophie is so knowledgable and creates the arrangements of the pieces around the skills of the choir and so they always end up sounding fantastic.
“It is so important for me when I have a busy working life commuting to London and two young children, this is the time in the week that I carve out for me and I know many of the choir feel that way.
“It is never a chore and I would be lost without it. I have always struggled with anxiety and going to choir each week has definitely had a positive impact on my mental health because of the creative outlet, the camaraderie and the time to switch off from life.
“If you have an inkling of a tune inside of you or have been thinking about joining a choir, then make it this one, we would love to see you.”
To find out more about Take a Deep Breath, visit their Facebook page. Each session is £8.

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