Support our Shop Local Bedford campaign

Shop Local

As the news that 14 shops are shutting every day on the UK’s High Streets, we are partnering with Explore Bedford to launch the Shop Local Bedford campaign.

This is a call to action for us all to support the retailers, cafes, restaurants and businesses at the heart of our High Streets.

As successive governments have failed to develop polices to tackle the issues facing town centres and as news of nationwide store closures hit the headlines, High Streets up and down the country are facing irreversible damage.

It is more important than ever that we take responsibility for the future of the High Street. Without our support – whether online or in person – the amazing businesses that make Bedford unique just will not survive.

From now until Small Business Saturday on 1 December we will be championing our many incredible #bedfordindies, as well as flying a flag for the chains that we’ve (so far) managed to retain in Bedford.

We’ll also be looking at the wider issues that are threatening town centres across the country to offer a national perspective.

You can read more on the Explore Bedford blog, including an interview with #shoplocalseptember founder, Gemma Alix Lane.

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