Sumerian goddess of beer to bless Bedford High Street

Ninkasi Goddess of Beer mural Brewhouse and Kitchen
Credit: Elliott Mallows

Bedford’s Brewhouse and Kitchen (B&K) are paying tribute to a goddess of beer with a huge mural on the front of their High Street pub.

The huge mural of Ninkasi, the ancient Sumerian Goddess of beer, is being painted by Technicolour Moon, an artist who specialises in large scale mural work and illustrations.

Sumerian Priestesses from Mesopotamia were amongst the first recorded brewers of beer. Evidence of their brewing dates back to almost 6,000 years ago.

They believed the Goddess Ninkasi was responsible for making the beer fresh every day from the best ingredients.

Only women brewed beer and the priestesses of Ninkasi believed they were merely the goddesses’ supervisors.

It was said that Ninkasi who was ultimately responsible for the end result of the finest drink possible and her spirit and essence infused the beer produced under her guidance.

“The mural is shaping up nicely, and should hopefully be finished in a couple of weeks,” said head brewer at B&K Bedford, Richard Cook.