Squash superstars visit Bedford’s Club Towers to kick off grand tour

Nick Matthew OBE and Daryl Selby

Former world number one, Nick Matthew OBE and 2011 British national champion, Daryl Selby were the main attractions in the beginning of a tour aiming to encourage players back on to the nation’s squash courts.

One of many sports to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Bedford was the first town on a list of ten to be given the VIP treatment, with coaching for all ages and an exhibition match on the menu.

Club Towers has been on a mission to revitalise squash since before the pandemic, with efforts stretching back to 2017.

The money raised from this event is going directly into a project to start a new junior coaching programme at the Bunyan Centre.

General Manager, Steve Davies said, “We are very proud of how junior squash is going at the club, both amongst our members and within the local schools who use the space.”

“We see this as a wonderful opportunity to get another junior section going in the town and are thankful for the support of the team at the Bunyan Centre with the project.”

Image: Two of Britain’s finest names with Bedford’s next squash generation

This was a rare chance to see two of Britain’s most prestigious squash players up close and personal and there was even the opportunity of a lifetime for some local players to get on court with the pros.

The night kicked off with some junior coaching with Nick and Daryl, followed by an adult masterclass and finally, three lucky players got to go on court and be put through their paces.

The exhibition match at the end of the night thrilled the packed-out crowd and was full of entertaining shots and incredible rallies, Selby eventually coming out victorious in a hard fought 2-1 victory.

Commenting on the evening at Club Towers, Daryl Selby said, “I’m absolutely delighted to be involved in the Back to Squash Tour. The last 12 to 18 months have been very difficult for everyone and especially us squash lovers.

“The evening at Club Towers was certainly great fun and a brilliant start to the tour!”

Adding to this, Nick Matthew OBE said, “It was great to be back on court again and buzzing to be doing battle with my great rival Daryl Selby. It was superb to see so many enthusiastic people, young and old at Club Towers enjoying the evening.”

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