Soupfest Bedford introduces ‘Sleep Well’ initiative to encourage more donations


SoupFest returns to Bedford town centre on Tuesday 3 December, but if you can’t take part on the day, there are other ways you can make a donation and make a difference.  

Thanks to a collaboration with local hotels, guests are encouraged to pass on any loose change to the SoupFest fund by placing it in envelopes provided on the beds in their hotel rooms.

“As it is Homelessness Awareness Week, we thought we would try to reach a wider audience throughout the week,” said organiser, Emma Garrett.

“Those in Bedford for business or visiting for other reasons may miss out on SoupFest itself, so this is a way to raise awareness and also some extra funds for our homeless and rough sleepers.”

The message is – we hope you sleep soundly in your bed tonight, please spare any loose change for those less fortunate. 

“We are hoping that this will hit home, particularly now that the nights are so cold,”  said Claire Rulton, SoupFest treasurer.

“Being proud Soupfest supporters we are delighted to place donation envelopes in our hotel bedrooms,” said Bedford Swan Hotel’s Malcolm Wyse.

“It couldn’t be easier for guests to simply place some loose change into an envelope in their room and we will do the rest.

“A brilliant way to spread awareness to our national and international guests whilst giving them a chance to support SoupFest as many will not have a chance to attend on the day.”

Bedford is famously the most charitable county in the country.

You can show your support on Tuesday 3rd December from 11.30am – 3.30pm in Harpur Square.