‘Somebody to Love’ cover by Bedford College principal highlights educational funding crisis

Bedford College CEO and principle, Ian Pryce

Bedford College’s principal, Ian Pryce, has chosen #LoveOurColleges week to raise the issue of education funding through the medium of song.

Ian, well known for his musical take on the issues that affect the education sector, has re-imagined Somebody to Love by Queen to support his campaign for better funding for Further Eduction (FE) colleges throughout the UK.

After 20 years as CEO and principal of the College, Ian has gained a reputation at national educational level for producing songs to fit important occasions, such as the recent Worlds Skills in Russia, with a version of From Russia with Love.

In a comment to the TES, Ian said that ‘it was “impossible to out-Queen Queen”, [so] he thought a reggae version of the song would be appropriate.’

“Music was was my first love, and it will be my last, but FE colleges are the future for the UK,” said Ian.

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