Social distancing on trains as East Midlands launches new timetable from 18 May

Bedford Train at Station

With a new timetable launching on Monday 18 May, East Midlands Railway (EMR) passengers are being asked to heed Government advice and only use public transport for essential journeys.

Over the coming days, new social distancing information is being added at all EMR stations – including Bedford – and on trains.

Passengers will be also asked to maintain a safe and sensible distance from other passengers and staff and follow the guidance provided at all times.  In line with updated Government advice, passengers may also wish to wear face coverings while travelling.

To help support social distancing, a new timetable is being introduced on Monday 18 May, providing an increase in service level of approximately 20 % – meaning EMR will be operating approximately 80% of its ‘normal’ or ‘full’ timetable.

Passengers who need to travel by train should check their journey before leaving, leave extra time to pass through the station, use contactless payment and, if at all possible, travel at quieter times of the day.

Will Rogers, Managing Director at East Midlands Railway, said, “I am very grateful for the cooperation of our passengers and the hard work and commitment of our staff right across the country in recent weeks. This has been an unprecedented period for all of us.

“Our new timetable will allow a small increase in the number of passengers we can accommodate. However, we urge everyone to only go by train if it is necessary and keep public transport for key workers and those who must travel.

“To help, we will be providing extra information and guidance at all 91 of our stations and on our trains. I would urge everyone travelling to be mindful of each other and maintain a safe and sensible distance.”

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East Midlands Railway timetable summary

2 Trains Per Hour to and from Sheffield:

  • 1 Fast Service
  • 1 Semi-Fast Service

2 Trains Per Hour to and from Nottingham

  • 1 Fast Service
  • 1 Semi-Fast Service

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