Seven years behind bars for “controlling” drug dealer pulled over in Bedford

Justin Ewengue
Justin Ewengue

A drug dealer who was pulled over by police in Bedford has been sentenced to seven years in jail.

Justin Ewengue, 30, of Chestnut Close, Rushden, was stopped in Westbourne Road, Bedford in November 2020 after he was seen by officers driving in a suspicious manner.

They searched the vehicle and found a list of drugs values and a mobile phone, which they seized.

Searching his phone, text messages found by officers suggested Ewengue was selling Class A drugs and controlling other people to move drugs.

He was arrested shortly afterwards at his home address. On searching the address, officers found quantities of heroin and cocaine.

Ewengue appeared at Luton Crown Court on Tuesday (26 October) where he was sentenced for two counts of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Due to previous convictions of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, he received the mandatory seven-year minimum sentence.

Detective constable Colin Knight, from Bedfordshire Police’s Boson team, said they were pleased Ewengue had been given such a lengthy time behind bars.

“He has repeatedly failed to change his lifestyle and behaviour despite previous convictions, with the controlling element of his organised crime network making his offending even more heinous,” said DC Knight.

“Ewengue attempted to undermine the credibility of the police force as part of his defence.

“We are pleased that the jury and Judge saw through his lies and that he will no longer be able to wreak misery on the streets of Bedfordshire through his peddling of such dangerous and illegal substances.”

Anyone with information about drug dealing or wider organised crime activity can report online at the Bedfordshire Police website or by calling 101.

Bedfordshire Police say these reports are fed into their intelligence to help detectives build up a picture of organised crime, even if they do not act on the information straight away.

For more information about the response to organised crime in Bedfordshire and where to get support visit

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