Secretary of State Liz Truss joins Ryan Henson on the Conservative campaign trail

Ryan Henson and Liz Truss
Liz Truss on a visit to Bedford ahead of the 2019 general election

Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for International Trade, joined Conservative candidate Ryan Henson on the campaign trail yesterday in Bedford.

“I was delighted to visit Bedford,” said Liz. “Ryan is passionate about social mobility, he’s a determined campaigner and he’s ready to get Brexit done and move on to deliver on his constituents’ priorities.

“I know he will work tirelessly in Parliament on behalf of local people in Bedford and Kempston.”

“I took Liz out to knock on doors with me today in Newnham,” said Ryan.

“Residents have been telling me that they want to see a parliament that will get Brexit done. They don’t want to see 2020 lost to the chaos of another two referendums.

“Whether they voted to leave or to remain, they are tired of the delay about Brexit, which is holding us back from unlocking our potential as a country and as a local area.

“I have a positive plan for Bedford and Kempston and I am excited to be out every day making this case to residents.

“As your new MP and as part of a Conservative Government with a majority, we can get Brexit done.

“Then we can focus on the issues that make a real difference to people’s lives here in Bedford and Kempston, the issues that got me into politics in the first place – the NHS, schools, and policing.”

It is unclear yet whether the Brexit Party will field a candidate in the Bedford and Kempston constituency. Yesterday’s announcement by Nigel Farage confirmed that his party won’t contest seats that Conservatives won in the 2017 election.

The deadline for nomination of candidates is Thursday 14 November.

Ryan said, “I am proud to call Bedford my home and will take every opportunity to show how great our community here is.

“I’ll be an effective champion for Bedford and Kempston and make sure that we get the investment that we need and deserve.”

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