Scrappy game ends with another Blues defeat in Nottingham

Image: Bedford Blues

Bedford Blues travelled away for the final time this season, as they took on Nottingham at Lady Bay, and paid the price in wet and windy conditions.

Mike Rayer made three changes to the side that fell to leaders Ealing last weekend, hoping to end a tough season on the road on a high.

However, with wet and windy conditions throughout the country, attractive plays were few and far between in what was a scrappy and error-filled eighty minutes.

Kicking into the wind, the Blues found themselves 7-0 down at the half-time interval thanks to a sole try from Nottingham’s Jake Farnworth.

The visitors plight was not made easier as they were shown yet another yellow card; the sin bin count getting well into double figures for the season; Emmanuel Iyogun the latest culprit.

Bedford finished the first half in the ascendancy, picking up a multitude of penalties late on, with Nottingham also going down to 14 in the process.

However, they were unable to get on the scoreboard, but with the conditions in their favour and a relatively small deficit to close, the Blues would have felt confident of overtaking their Midlands rivals.

The visitors continued their pressure into the second period; Tui Uru spilling the ball on the line to deny the Blues an immediate riposte early on.

But it wasn’t long before Bedford were finally on the board, with Will Maisey swinging the ball out to Jordan Onojaife to touch down.

However, the hosts hit back almost immediately with a try of their own to restore a nine point advantage.

A Josh Gillespie try reduced Nottingham’s lead to just two points, but again, the hosts responded immediately in a game that had become nip and tuck, surrounded by wind and rain.

With a little over ten minutes remaining, Bedford scored through Jack Hughes and with barely a minute remaining, they looked to have stolen the game through a Maisey penalty.

As ever with Bedford games, the drama was not done as Nottingham crept home with a penalty of their own with the last kick of the game, securing a 22-20 win.

The second half proved more entertaining than the first, but the win for Nottingham keep them in 10th place above Richmond, with the Blues remaining eighth.

Bedford’s final game of the season comes next Saturday, when fans are allowed back into Goldington Road to see the Blues take on local rivals, Ampthill.

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