School staff take on world’s tallest abseil tower to raise money for new primary playground equipment

The National Tower is a staggering 127m (418ft) research and development facility located in Northampton

Bedford Inclusive Learning and Training Trust (BILTT) staff are mentally and physically preparing themselves to take on the largest abseil tower in the world to raise money for new playground equipment.

Learning support assistant, Nikki Horner, teacher, Shannon Poulter and acting principal and CEO of BILTT, Catherine Assink, are taking the plunge down the National Lift Tower in Northampton to raise £10,000 for BILTT schools.

The National Tower is a staggering 127m (418ft) research and development facility located in Northampton, where the extreme abseiling will take place on 3 July.

All money raised will contribute to a new up-to-date playground for primary pupils at the Grange Academy in Kempston, one of the BILTT schools.

They have already hit the halfway mark of their £10,000 fundraising target and you can help them achieve their goal by donating here.

Catherine Assink, acting CEO of BILTT said, “I am actually pretty terrified, to be honest. However, if we are able to raise money for our schools and raise the profile of what we do for some of the most disadvantaged in society then a 418 foot drop is well worth it.”

Nikki Horner, who arranged the event, has worked tirelessly on several events to raise money through fundraising.

Nikki is passionate about equity for all BILTT pupils and has several ideas for future fundraising events. “I always think outside the box, so when it came to thinking up another idea to raise money this seemed like a great idea.

“Shannon, Catherine and I have never done anything like this before. We like a challenge and this shows our determination and dedication to our pupils and their opportunities.”

Nikki explained that the money raised would contribute to new outdoor equipment for primary pupils at the Grange in Kempson.

“We really want to give our primary students a new, up-to-date playground, with slides, forts to climb, a water and sand area, equipment all the children can use safely.

“We want it to be bright and inviting. Everyone has had a tough year with Covid-19, we want to make our pupils love playing outside.”

“I know we will be extremely scared but hopefully doing it together will be comforting,” said Shannon Poulter, who is maths and phonics lead at Grange Academy.

“I’ve heard the views are amazing but I think I won’t be looking down to notice any of that.”

You can find out more and donate at their Go Fund Me page here.

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