School shotgun sentencing adjourned so accused can have baby

Kempston Challenger Academy
Kempston Challenger Academy. Image: Google Streetview 2013

The sentencing of a woman, who looked after a sawn-off shotgun that a 15-year-old boy took into a Kempston school, has been adjourned because she is about to have a baby.

Keesha Kalyan, 20, previously of Bedford, but now living in Church Road, Cowley, Uxbridge, denied being in charge of a prohibited weapon in October 2018.

However, she was convicted by a jury in November and was due to be sentenced at Luton crown court this month.

Today (Friday) Judge Gary Lucie adjourned the case until 4 March and granted her bail so she could have the baby by Caesarean section.

At her trial, the jury was told pupils alerted staff at the Kempston Challenger Academy that the boy had the gun in his rucksack.

He was taken to headteacher Ian Evason’s office and when the black rucksack was searched, a gun was found wrapped in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms inside a sports shop bag.

There were also six live 12 bore cartridges.

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Prosecutor George Heimler told the jury that as the boy was being taken from the school, the defendant Kalyan took a photo that she circulated on social media.

He alleged that she attached a caption that read: “Free my yung G… got bag with the Dotti”

Mr Heimler said that Dotti was urban slang for a shotgun and G stood for a gang member.

Keesha Kalyan’s fingerprint was found on the drawstring of the sports shop bag inside the rucksack.

The jury was told that the boy had pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon at the school at 9.15 in the morning of 19 October 2018.

Mr Heimler said messages were “critical” in the case. On 10 October 2018, he said Keesha Kalya had texted the boy saying: “I am grabbing a dotti ffs don’t tell anyone.”

Keesha Kalyan’s said that when she used the word Dotti it had nothing to do with a shotgun. She said she was referring to a religious artefact she had got as a present, relating to the Hindu festival of Diwali.

She told the police she sent the photo of the boy being escorted from the school and had deleted it. She said somebody else had added the caption: “Free my yung G…”

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