Save Bedford taxpayers money by responding quickly to electoral ‘annual canvas’

Electoral Registration notice

Homes across Bedford Borough are being urged to respond early to this year’s ‘annual canvas’ to help save Bedford taxpayers money.

Household enquiry forms have been sent out this week to check that information of those who are eligible to vote on the Electoral Register are correct.

An ‘annual canvas’ must be carried out each year by law, so local residents can check the right people are registered to vote at their address, and update the council if any changes to the register need to be made.

While the notices are being sent out by post, you can respond by text, online, or phone.

Bedford Borough Council have to legally send up to three reminders if they don’t hear from a property, so the earlier people respond the less money the annual canvass will cost Bedford taxpayers.

Philip Simpkins, Chief Executive of Bedford Borough Council “It really is important to take a minute and check these details, and respond to us.

“It is quick and easy to do, via text, online, or by phone. Your vote matters; make sure you are registered.”