Roman or Reform? Bedford candidate’s website still in Latin a year after launch

Bedford's Reform UK website is just full of 'Latin'.
Bedford's Reform UK website is just full of 'Latin'.

The Bedford candidate for Reform UK might struggle to promote themselves during the election period as their website is all written in Latin.

Maggie Moriondo is the Reform UK spokesperson for Bedford and now their MP candidate for Bedford & Kempston in the upcoming General Election.

Very little is known about her as the website set up to promote her a year ago is still not finished.

The controversial Reform UK was founded by nationalist politician Catherine Blaikloc, evolving from the former Brexit Party.

It is led and 80% funded by Richard Tice and has a membership made up of Conservative hardliners and right-wing figures such as Nigel Farage and Lee Anderson MP.

While nationally they have been making the most of mainstream media’s interest in the party, locally their parliamentary candidate Ms Moriondo has been more somnum tota die than occidere diem.

Despite several unanswered emails from our news desk to their office over the last few months highlighting the lack of real content on their site, the website remains incoherent.

Instead, it is full of ‘Lorem Ipsum’ a text based on Latin commonly used as a placeholder for where text will appear.

Ms Moriondo’s, social media is also very quiet, despite the election having been called over a week ago. Her last ‘tweet’ on X was back in January.

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In fact, there is very little information about Reform UK’s local candidate except for a news article from the Byline Times.

Earlier this month, she was named along with other members of the party who had been ‘racialised, denied the existence of climate change, and promoted conspiracy theories’.

The ByLine Times piece focused on party member Andrew Raw who has shared ‘extreme racism and hateful’ social media posts, which have since seen him suspended and dropped as Reform UK’s Darlington parliamentary candidate.

Speaking to the investigative newspaper, Georgie Laming, director of Campaigns at anti-extremism charity Hope Not Hate said: “Time and time again, Reform UK candidates have been exposed for extreme racism and hateful ideology.

“It is clear they are not a credible party.”

Maggie Moriondo posted on On X (formerly Twitter) in December, ‘The next election will be an immigration one. We cannot keep repeating the mistakes of the past 13 years and expect our country to survive and succeed.’

We have contacted Reform UK’s local office for comment and have yet to receive a reply.