Riobello restaurant receives Healthier Options award


Giovanni and Amanda Orlandi of Riobello restaurant on St Mary’s Street are celebrating receiving their Healthier Options award from Bedford Borough Council.

Healthier Options is a regional initiative, encouraging restaurants in Bedfordshire and Cambridge to sign up to a minimum of eight ‘pledges’ to make their menu healthier.

From cutting down on salt to addressing portion sizes, the business has three months to implement the pledges before they are audited by the Borough’s Public Health team. If they are successful they can display a Healthier Options sign in their window, are awarded a certificate and they will be promoted on the Borough’s website.

“We’ve drastically changed our menu over the last eight months, so we were already fulfilling many of the requirements,” explained Giovanni. “We use all fresh ingredients and everything’s made to order. As part of our Healthier Options pledges we have reduced our salt content and more than halved the amount of butter we use. We’ve also considered portion size.

For Giovanni and Amanda, the process was simple and straightforward and they would encourage other restaurants to get on board too.

“The award is about giving customers choice,” said Cara Umney of the public health team.  “We’d love as many restaurants in Bedford as possible to sign up to the scheme, to give customers healthier options.”

To find out more and to sign up, contact:




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