Review: Living It Up’s ‘Guitars to the Stars’ delivers another five-star performance

Guitars to the Stars 2024 Image: Living It Up/Ollie Monks
Guitars to the Stars 2024 Image: Living It Up/Ollie Monks

There’s not much that can tempt us out on a cold and blustery evening in January, but the annual Living It Up performance at the University of Bedfordshire theatre is one thing that is guaranteed to get us up, out and ready to have fun.

This year’s show, Guitars to the Stars, had big boots to fill after we gave last year’s performance a five-star review.

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However, we needn’t have worried; once again the whole team rose to the occasion and from start to finish, the show was a triumph.

Choreographed set pieces, video backdrops and some great sound effects were interwoven within an intergalactic mystery, as DJ80s (Gareth) and DJ Bella Weller Diet Coke (Claire) from Living It Up Radio have to search the galaxy to discover who has stolen all the music from Earth.

With the help of a band of superheroes Ice Ice Baby (Adam), Captain Joker (George), Simon in Black (Simon), Super Electric Man (Rob) and Guitar Man (Stuart) the intrepid DJs begin their hunt for the culprits.

Their mission takes them to a variety of planets with some pretty unusual inhabitants including David Attenbruv (Nicky) – a more ‘street’ version of David Attenborough who has relocated from Earth to escape the climate catastrophe, Planet Pop’s Gary Barlow (Rebecca) and Justin Beiber (Connor), an array of witches, onions and mermaids on Planet Onions and – finally – an encounter with the Evil Aliens.

The whole show was devised and written by the Living It Up learners, who also helped create the visual effects, build the props and design the costumes.

We especially loved whatever was going on on Planet Onions and the ‘Top Trumps’ card visuals for all of the characters which were projected onto the big screen behind the stage.

As good vanquished evil, everyone took to the stage to take a well-deserved bow and as we left the theatre, we were already looking forward to next year’s event.

With thanks to everyone who took part, including Dom on the Decks (Staff), dance teacher Maz (S) DJ80s – Gareth (Learner), DJ Bella Weller Diet Coke – Claire (S), Ice Ice Baby – Adam  (S), Captain Joker – George (L), Simon in Black – Simon (L), Super Electric Man – Rob (L), Guitar Man – Stuart (L), McSweeney – Iain (S), ET – Shaneil (L), Lazy Beam – Harry (L), Boss – Jordan (L), Triple H – James (L), David Attenbruv – Nicky (L), Land Shark – Surinder (L), Elephant – Paige (Volunteer), Funky Fox – James (L), Scatman – Harry (S), Cheeky Monkey – Ryan (L), Kung-Fu Dog – Joe (L), Trick Seal – Carly (L), Agents Alix (S) Catherine (V), Michael Jackson – Richard (L), Gary Barlow – Rebecca (L), Justin Beiber – Connor (L), Ariana Grande – Molly (L), Harry Styles – Alice (L), Onion witch – Amy (S), Merman – Ollie (V), Mermaid Moondog – Becky (L), Mermaid Suncat – Daisy (L), artwork by Katie, Groot – John (L), Support staff – Amy A (S), Dancers – Mariangela (L) and Kim (L).

You can find out more about Living It Up Performing Arts Centre on their Facebook page here.