Reggae, rainbows, pandas and her friends: Sienna’s ‘happy’ song for children’s mental health week

Five-year-old Sienna is sharing the joy

A Turvey Primary School pupil’s ‘happy song’ – written as part of the school’s Children’s Mental Health Week – is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Five-year-old Sienna wrote the lyrics inspired by the things that bring her joy for a school project to express ‘what makes you happy’ in a creative way.

As you’ll hear, her happy things include rainbows and all the things in the world, Africa, pandas rolling in the snow, playing with her friends Otis, Barnaby, Darcy (and Kenny), her Christmas Lego, playing at home, playing at school more and doing what Mrs Parker says.

Her dad, a musician with the band Rebel Vibe, put it to a reggae beat and we just can’t stop listening and smiling…


In an exclusive interview, the Bedford Independent asked Sienna what she’s been missing since lockdown.

She told us she misses her friends at school but liked coming to school this week as mummy was poorly. She told us that her daddy is not a very good teacher.

Asked what inspired her, she said: “I just thought of all things that make me happy and started singing about them.

“I miss grandma and grandpa during lockdown and I’m sad that swimming lessons are cancelled and toy shops are shut.”

She told us that in the summer she is looking forward to playing in the paddling pool and making things with mum and grandma.

“Sienna’s song has cheered up our staff,” said a spokesperson for Turvey Primary School.
“We’re sure your readers will love it too.”

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