Record donations to SMART Prebend Centre but Bedford’s homeless still need help

Homeless Woman

Bedford’s SMART Prebend Centre, which offers support for homeless and socially isolated people, says it’s just £13,000 away from achieving the target for their annual Christmas Relief In Bedford (CRIB) appeal.

The £37,000 already raised by the campaign meant that the centre has been able to provide:

  • Comfort and care for 200 homeless people, who used the centre over 1500 times
  • Serve 775 breakfasts and 1100 hot lunches.
  • On Christmas day 60 visitors to the centre had Christmas dinner and received Christmas parcels containing hats, gloves, toiletries, biscuits and chocolates.
  • 70 parcels donated by various local groups and individuals were distributed during December

While the appeal is launched at Christmas time, the funds enable the centre to extend way beyond the holiday season so they can help vulnerable people throughout winter.

Prepend SMART 13k goalJen Robus, Manager of the SMART Prebend Centre said “The response to CRIB this year has been unbelievable. The coming together of the community during this time has quite outstanding.

“It’s important to remember that although the CRIB appeal has Christmas in the title, this is a campaign to raise funds to support the centre throughout the winter months, which go beyond December.

“We still need an additional £13,000 to hit our target and this will help us to provide our service throughout January, February and into March.”

The CRIB appeal runs until the end of February, so there is still plenty of time to give some pennies to help the homeless in Bedford.

As little as £5 can provide breakfast for 13 homeless people and will make a real difference to the centre.

Donations can be made online, taken to the centre or sent by post at 12 Prebend St, Bedford MK40 1QW.

The Prebend Centre offers homeless adults a safe space to access the basics that we all take for granted, such as hot meals, phones, internet, medical advice and showers 365 days a year.

There, SMART workers, supported by professional partners and other charitable services, help users of the service tackle their current problems.