Quick-thinking “hero” dog raises alarm when owner gets stuck in river mud at Felmersham

Twiggy received lots of loves for her quick-thinking.

Local dog Twiggy is being hailed a hero after ‘fetching’ help when her owner became stuck in mud along the banks of the River Great Ouse at Felmersham on Thursday (1 July).

The woman became stuck after she went to help her dog Rosie who had also become stuck near Felmersham Bridge.

Her other dog Twiggy didn’t want to suffer the same fate and, just like hero TV dog Lassie, ran off to find help – running to and from the river until people followed her.

Crews from Bedford and Kempston helped rescue Twiggy’s owner and her ‘sister’ dog, Rosie.

Once Twiggy’s owner was found by passers by, they raised the alarm and crews from Kempston and Bedford rescued both the owner and Rosie with water rescue equipment and water technicians.

Paramedics also attended the scene to check the owner over who was said to be unscathed.

Rosie and Twiggy also received lots of pats and chin scratches, with a Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue spokesperson adding that Twiggy is “a clever and amazing dog”.

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