Promotion for Bedford Hockey Club Men’s and Ladies’ 2s

Bedford Hockey Club Ladies' 2s celebrate their victory and promotion to the Premier Division
Bedford Hockey Club Ladies' 2s celebrate their victory and promotion to the Premier Division.

Even before the conclusion of the league season, two exceptional performances at the weekend not only won the Men’s and Ladies’ 2s their matches but will, also, see both stepping up a league next season.

The men travelled away to Chelmsford for their game and returned triumphant after defeating Chelmsford 5-1. Their victory leaves them level with Bishops Stortford 1s at the top of Division 2 and assures them promotion up to Division 1, when league endeavours resume next season.

The Ladies’ 2s, meanwhile, had a home contest against Wisbech. The home crowd weren’t disappointed, witnessing a dominant 6-1 conquest, and subsequent celebrations at the reality of the team stepping up to the Premier league.

Sunday brought a further proud moment for the Club, as the Under 10s fielded two teams in a Leighton Buzzard Tournament. Despite less than pleasant conditions, the youngsters didn’t allow their spirits to be dampened.

Bedford’s B Team battled hard, missing out on a place in the semi-finals by just one point.

Full glory, however, went to the ‘A Team’, coming out top in all 5 of their pool games, defeating Luton in the semi-finals and then beating Leighton Buzzard on their home turf, the Bedford team returning with gold medals around their necks.

Bedford Hockey Club Men's 1s defence give it their all to hold off Harleston Magpies
Bedford Hockey Club Men’s 1s defence give it their all to hold off Harleston Magpies.

At the other end of the age spectrum, the Ladies’ Over 45s took on Southgate. The teams were evenly matched, the score remaining 0-0 at the half-time point.

Despite a few penetrating attacks by Southgate in the second half, it was Bedford who took the victory after Claire Cartwright made an amazing strike, at a tight angle, sending the ball whistling past the keeper. 1-0 to Bedford.

Other successes at the weekend saw a feisty little game between fourth in the table Men’s 1s and second in the table Harleston Magpies. A fantastic outcome, finishing 4-3 to Bedford.

The Men’s 4s, sitting second in the table, secured a decisive 5-0 victory over Luton Town, whilst the Men’s 6s returned home victorious after beating Blueharts 2-0.

Accomplishments for the ladies saw the Ladies 3s taking the points in their match with Broxbourne, 2-0 the final score-line.

Both the Ladies’ 4s and 5s held their oppositions to draws, the 4s game ending 1-1 against Stevenage, after a diving goal by Niamh Lynch, and the 6s keeping Letchworth to a goalless draw.

Plenty of home action to look forward to, again, this coming weekend with the Ladies 1s, 4s, 5s, and 7s taking to the pitches at Chester Road and the Men’s 2s, 3s and Vets. Sunday, meanwhile, sees fixtures for the Girl’s Under 14s and 16s and the Under 16s Boys.

Words: Jean Fitch

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