Promoter behind Tofte Manor events says “We want to make Sharnbrook proud”

Labyrinth Festivals at Tofte Manor 2021 Crowd

The promoter and local man behind a music festival at Tofte Manor in Sharnbrook, says he “wants to make Sharnbrook proud” and create events that have a positive impact on the area.

Nick Castleman, speaking to Bedford Independent ahead of the next Labyrinth event in the North Bedfordshire village, said as a local Sharnbrook boy his vision is to create something his neighbours are proud of.

“I’ve lived in Sharnbrook all my life, my dad is buried in the local cemetery, I want nothing more than to create events that are respectful to the people who live here.”

Labyrinth Festivals at Tofte Manor started in the summer and initially created some concern from locals about traffic and noise.

But those concerns were largely found to be unnecessary with Nick and his team taking the time to do as much as they could to avoid inconvenience to local residents.

This included putting on coaches from London and Bedford Train Station to help people get to and from the site easily, without increasing traffic locally.

“We have worked hard to second guess every eventuality,” he said.

“Of course we’re always learning and the next event may have a different process for ticket holders coming on and off the site, but things did go smoothly.”

Labyrinth Festivals at Tofte Manor 2021 DJSpeaking to Nick, it’s clear he isn’t just ‘in it for the money’.

Educated locally at Bedford School, and a DJ himself with a clear passion for music, he aims to make a lasting, positive impact on the place he calls home.

He says he’s spoken to many local residents to listen to their concerns and always has them at the forefront of his mind when planning the event.

What’s more, he’s also funded the restoration of the grave of Sir Alexander Stanhope Cobbe VC, GCB, DSO at the local church, the only Victoria Cross (VC) holder’s grave in the county.

Final resting place of Sir Alexander Stanhope Cobbe VC, GCB, DSO
Labyrinth Festivals covered the cost of refurbishing the final resting place of Sir Alexander Stanhope Cobbe VC, GCB, DSO

“It’s been a tough year for promoters, but also for everyone, and these events are about giving people locally something to look forward to and be proud of,” added Nick.

The next Labyrinth Festival is at Tofte Manor on 18 September and promises a line-up of some of the most exciting producers and selectors.

Including, Âme b2b Dixon, Alex Medina, DJ Holographic, Jennifer Cardini, Jimi Jules, Lola Haro, Nick Castle, Sofia Kourtesis, Terr, Trikk and TSHA.

For tickets, head to the Labyrinth Festival’s website.

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