Privacy Helper announces GDPR support service for SMEs


Bedford based Privacy Helper is one of the UK’s leading GDPR consultancies, helping over 150 organisations in the last three years – ranging from major corporates to businesses in the local area.

With a network of GDPR specialists around the UK, the Privacy Team can tackle any privacy queries clients may have – large or small.

In our quest to continue supporting small businesses and encourage a “culture of privacy” at all levels, we have launched a new low-cost GDPR support service for SME’s.

Have the Confidence

The service is aimed at small businesses who don’t have the need (or budget) for a significant outsourced privacy service, but often find themselves wondering if their activities are “GDPR compliant”

Compliance Director Andy Chesterman said: “If local businesses are able to access professional GDPR support from a specialist team without the need for expensive consultancy fees, we hope it will give small businesses the confidence to grow, but also consider their data protection obligations and avoid the risk of fines and enforcement action from the ICO.”

“The very first GDPR fine was issued to an SME in December 2019 for £275,000 – which proves the ICO are not just focused on the big names.”

“Our team can advise on any activity involving personal data – whether that be marketing, bringing a new supplier on-board, upgrading a new IT system, responding to a data subject access request…or the risks that Brexit poses to the business”

Privacy Helper GDPRAny queries submitted to us will be replied to in writing, so giving a record of the query – and proving you have sought specialist guidance – essential under the “accountability” principle of GDPR.

The GDPR Support Service starts at just £49.99 per month – for which you will receive up to 30 minutes’ guidance per month for 12 months. We’re usually able to respond between 3-4 enquiries per month in this time.

In the event you need guidance beyond the 30 minutes per month, then the team can advise on this as well.

For full details of the GDPR Support Service, please contact us on 01234 981999, email, or see full details on the Privacy Helper website:

In association with Privacy Helper.

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