Police conclude ‘suspicious activity and children’ cases are not connected

Police on the beat

Bedfordshire Police have reviewed a number of reports in relation to several incidents involving suspicious activity and children and concluded that they are all isolated incidents.

There has been increasing speculation on social media in relation to these incidents, with many people sharing posts which have not been from an official source.

One such post led to an innocent member of the public reporting being harassed after their photograph and car details were shared on social media.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Beds Police said, “We have received a number of reports, some first hand and others based on seeing reports on social media.

“Protecting children is our top priority and we have taken these reports seriously. All have been investigated and many lines of enquiry have been followed across the reports, including officers being dispatched to speak to those involved, CCTV enquiries and witnesses being interviewed.

“Specialist intelligence officers and detectives have now reviewed all of the incidents which have been reported to us over the past two weeks.

“Their conclusion is that these were isolated incidents and there is no evidence to suggest that they are linked to, or part of, a particular pattern of offending, as has been suggested on social media.

“We are also satisfied that, in the vast majority of the reports, no criminal offence has taken place.”

The Police have urged members of the public to consider the impact social media posts might have and reiterated, “If you have genuine concerns about someone’s behaviour, contact the police.”

Bedfordshire Police made it clear that they have investigated all reported incidents and that they will always respond proportionately to any similar incidents or concerns.

The post concluded: “There is no need to be unduly concerned and [we] would encourage people to be mindful of this when reporting things to us or posting on social media.”

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