Police can now seize your vehicle if you don’t get it taxed

Traffic Police making enquiries

Vehicles that are untaxed for more than eight weeks can now be seized by the police after the DVLA gave some its powers to the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit (BCH RPU).

The idea is this will mean officers can maintain the safety of our roads and reduce casualties by keeping untaxed vehicles off the road far more easily.

Since the 3 December officer of the BCH RPU have been using these new powers and have already seized a number of vehicles.

Sergeant Pete Scholes, from the BCH RPU said: “In practice this means that when certain criteria are met, BCH RPU officers can now seize untaxed vehicles.These vehicles will then be held for period of time which will allow their owners to tax and/or register them.

“However, if they do not comply with the DVLA requirements then, dependant on value, the vehicles will either be scrapped or auctioned.”

Words: Hannah Brown

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