Police ask for permission to install ‘green’ windows and doors at Kempston HQ

Bedfordshire Police Head Quarters
Bedfordshire Police Head Quarters

Bedfordshire Police has applied for planning permission to update the doors and windows at its HQ in Kempston to more energy-efficient ones.

Some of the current windows date back to the main building’s construction in the 1970s.

A police spokesperson said: “Due to the age of the windows, replacement parts are no longer available, making them beyond repair.

“This raises a wide range of health and safety risks and concerns that we must actively manage.

“Additionally, they have poor thermal performance.

“This project eliminates the risks mentioned while providing fully functioning windows that will, in the long term, reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint.”

The spokesperson added that the cost of the project is to be confirmed as the force has not gone to market yet and is “still finalising the detailed design”.

The project is currently in the planning phase, and it is not known how many windows will be replaced and how many are to be refurbished.

Bedfordshire Police said the project is expected to take six months and will start in late August, but this is yet to be confirmed.

The spokesperson added this is not expected to have an impact on the Enquiry Office’s opening times.

More information can be found on Bedford Borough Council’s planning portal, reference 22/01244/FUL.

The Overall Consultation Expiry Date is Tuesday, July 12.

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