Plans put forward for 500 homes and new primary school at Milton Road, Clapham

The footprint of the development covers brownfield land from the A6 toward the existing village of Clapham

Plans to build homes, children’s play facilities and land for a new primary school in Clapham have been submitted for outline planning permission.

Following two year’s engagement and consultation with the parish council and Clapham Neighbourhood Planning Group, L&Q Estates and Bedfordia Property have put forward plans to build 500 homes at Milton Road in Clapham.

The development will be between the A6 and Milton Road and will see a mix of one-to-five-bedroom houses and apartments including up to 30 per cent affordable housing.

The 23.74-hectares part brownfield site with the remainder being agricultural land, would also help to facilitate the delivery of a two-form entry primary school on land west of Milton Road, play areas for children and 7.9 hectares of open spaces if permission is given.

Plans include a new footpath network created within the site and a total of five pedestrian and cycle routes including three pedestrian and cycle only routes on the eastern boundary.

Richard Edwards, Group Planning Director at L&Q Estates, said the scheme has been developed in consultation with Clapham Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Planning Group for the village.

“Clapham is identified in the 2020 Bedford Borough Local Plan as needing to accommodate 500 new homes but the Local Plan does not identify the site or sites and specifically defers the identification of the appropriate site to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan,” he said.

“We have been in discussions with the Neighbourhood Planning Group and Clapham Parish Council for over two years and have met with them many times during the evolution of our proposals since we are always conscious of actively involving the local community in our plans.

“In October 2018, the Neighbourhood Planning Group organised a ‘Question Time’ event for the local community where we and the promoters of an alternative scheme presented our respective proposals and took questions from the audience.”

Following the presentation, the Neighbourhood Planning Group subsequently formally consulted with the local community and the Milton Road scheme was chosen as the preferred site.

Nick Chapman, Managing Director of Bedford-based Bedfordia Property, said the Milton Road development would enhance and improve facilities and opportunity for local residents and businesses.

“The detailed consultation with the local community, Clapham Neighbourhood Planning Group and the Parish Council has been very positive and we look forward to further engagement as the project evolves,” said Nick.

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