Peter McCormack becomes Chairman as he completes Bedford FC takeover

Bedford FC will become Real Bedford in a daring rebrand from the new ownership

Bedford bitcoin podcaster and businessman, Peter McCormack has announced he has completed his planned takeover of Bedford FC.

McCormack, who has confirmed he will change the club’s name to Real Bedford, had announced in December he was taking over the tenth tier club at McMullan Park.

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It has taken nearly four months to complete the purchase.

Announcing the completion via the Real Bedford Twitter page to its 14,000 followers, the new setup aimed to explain why the process has taken longer than expected.

“We are pleased to announce that we have now completed the takeover of Bedford FC with Peter McCormack becoming Chairman this evening.

“The transition has been a lengthy process to ensure that regulatory legal and financial procedures have been undertaken with due care.

“We have been very public with our ambition of bringing league football to Bedford as well as investing in grassroots football. As such, we have been working closely with our accountants and lawyers to ensure we have the right structure in place.

“We want to thank Bedfordshire FA for supporting this transition and the Bedford FC committee for everything they have done for football in Bedford.

“Once the season is complete, we will transition the club’s name to Real Bedford.”

Local scepticism

McCormack has wasted no time in boasting the substantial international support the new club has already garnered, as well as the six-figure sums of sponsorship that have been promised, but some local fans are still sceptical.

In response to the Twitter thread, some Bedfordians said it is a “sad day for this club”, while others question the transparency of the takeover and ongoing activity.

The new board have promised a “transparency report” every month to convince doubters of their legitimacy but reports from February and March are still not available, with the club saying they had “held off under advice while completing the transition.”

On the pitch, Bedford FC is 7th in Spartans South Midlands Division One, four points off a play-off place with three games remaining, while Stotfold has been confirmed champions.

Bedford FC has begun streaming their home matches via YouTube to an international audience with commentary provided by the talented young commentator, Will Roberts.

The ultimate aim however is the Premier League, and while that reality is a long way off, there now is at least an air of certainty after months of questions as to why McCormack had not completed the takeover earlier.

And there was also a nod to their neighbours across the way; the new club acknowledging the superb season Bedford Town are having, two tiers above them.

“Bedford as a town should have league football. Our neighbours Bedford Town are giving it a great shot and they have our full support.

“Our hope is to follow them up through the leagues and bring new opportunities to the town.”

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