PCC remains tight-lipped over cryptic tweet

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Festus Akinbusoye
Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Festus Akinbusoye

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Festus Akinbusoye, has created intrigue with a cryptic tweet where he claims something is coming that will be of “some national significance in a few weeks or months”.

In the tweet posted on 20 March, he says the word ‘unwitting’ will be important but doesn’t then go on to say why.

The Bedford Independent got in touch with his office to ask if they knew what the tweet meant and was told we’d have to ask him directly.

Despite two emails to the PCC, who has over 4,500 followers on Twitter, he has yet to give any insight into what he is suggesting.

Bedfordshire residents following the PCC on the social media platform had some of their own theories.

One suggested it might be related to party gate, which the Metropolitan Police is currently investigating and has already issued 20 fines for parties at Downing Street during lockdown.

“‘Unwitting’ – will that be Johnson’s new defence for #Partygate. Is he going to pretend he had no choice but to attend multiple parties in his house when the rest of us were banned from going to funerals?”, they replied.

Others said they were intrigued to find out what he was referring to, and would wait and see.

We have contacted the PCC and his office for comment.

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