Passengers ‘delighted’ at new bus stop seating

Cauldwell Councillors Fouzia Atiq and Abu Sultan at the Elstow Road bus stop

More comfortable seating has arrived for bus passengers in the area around Elstow Road, after councillors were asked for help by older residents.

The new seats have been installed at the ‘The Angel’ bus stop opposite Conquest Road after several older residents explained that the previous seats – which were designed at an angle – were uncomfortable for them to sit on.

Residents told Cauldwell Councillors Fouzia Atiq and Abu Sultan that the seats were too uncomfortable for them, meaning they had to stand.

The Councillors were more than happy to oblige and paid for the new seats out of their ward funds.

Cllrs Atiq and Sultan said: “The feedback we have had since the new seats have been installed has been really positive.

“We are pleased that our residents who frequently travel by bus have been made a little more comfortable by simply changing the seats at the bus stop.

“Thanks to the Bedford Borough staff who did the work. We will listen to concerns and suggestions given to us, and act on them whenever it is possible to do so.”

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