Parks in Bedford Borough given thumbs up by residents


Two of Bedford Borough’s parks have scored highly in recent customer satisfaction surveys, with users overwhelmingly saying that their local park improves their quality of life.

The survey, carried out by Bedford Borough Council, was completed by 500 people.

95% of people felt that Harrold Odell Country Park has a positive impact on the local community, whilst 96% felt that the park improves quality of life.

The results for Priory Country Park were also very positive, with 92% of people being either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘fairly satisfied’ with the park overall. 95% of people felt that the park has a positive impact on the local community and 95% feel that the park improves their quality of life.

“This is really great feedback and reflects that the parks in Bedford are a really valued and loved resource within the community,” said a Bedford Borough Council spokesperson.

“A big thank you for all people who completed the surveys, it is so important that we know the areas which users feel we are doing well, and where people feel improvements can be made.

“All comments received will be reviewed and assist with guiding future management of the parks.”

Photo credit: ADC Films

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