Pandemic doesn’t stop Hospital Radio Bedford from broadcasting


Despite their hospital-based studios being in shutdown since 23 March, Hospital Radio Bedford (HRB) volunteers have continued to broadcast from home throughout the pandemic.

And they proudly claim that their set-up is technically as good as many national broadcasters.

Within days of the national lockdown, the volunteers had amassed any spare broadcasting equipment they could lay their hands on and HRB had three presenters broadcasting live from temporary studios set up in their homes.

Commenting on the technology used to broadcast, Membership Officer, Ian Griffiths, said, “We’ve adapted the tried and tested ‘cleanfeed’ approach used in our Outside Broadcasts to suit the set-up each presenter has at home.

“This has enabled us to organise an extremely effective and flexible method of live broadcasting across the internet that’s on a par with many of the national broadcasters, technically.”

Assistant Programmes Officer and morning show presenter, Geoff White, praised the efforts further, “The technical bods at the station have made the whole process of home broadcasting quite straightforward really and are very supportive to those who need it.

“What’s more, I get to present my show from my garden dressed in my pyjamas, so everyone’s a winner.”

Over five months on, and continuing to fulfil its remit of promoting health and wellbeing, Hospital Radio Bedford now has sixteen presenters broadcasting over 80 hours of live shows every week.

This includes a weekday community service programme, The HRB CSi Show – from spare bedrooms, dining room tables and gardens across the town.

“I’m very proud of the effort HRB volunteers put into organising themselves after the studios were closed to ensure that we continued to broadcast to the hospital and the local community throughout these quite challenging times,” said Promotions Officer, Andy Norbury.

And with their studios remaining in ‘shutdown’ for the foreseeable future, the volunteers at Hospital Radio Bedford are all set to continue this effort by bolstering their weekly schedule with even more live shows.

“I’m confident that not only the quality but also the sheer quantity of live programmes and the technology used to broadcast them has put Hospital Radio Bedford at the very forefront of both hospital and community broadcasting,” said HRB Chairman, Geoff Clark.

HRB Secretary, Laura Taylor, summed up the volunteer effort, saying, “From the very start of the lockdown our mantra has been ‘the shows must go on’ and I’m pleased to say, they have.”

To tune in to Hospital Radio Bedford simply visit their website and click on the LISTEN NOW BUTTON.

You can also find them on Facebook at or email them at

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