Over a year after its closure, long-awaited works begin on Kempston Mill Bridge

Cllr James Valentine led the fight to get Kempston Mill Bridge repaired

The long-awaited works to repair Kempston Mill Bridge have begun today (10 January), over a year since the bridge was originally closed.

The right of way over the bridge was closed in December 2020 due to rotting planks causing structural concerns and making the bridge unsafe.

Bedford Borough Council has attributed the delays to the fact that the bridge was privately owned, making the process to assess, procure and organise the works harder to progress.

With works are starting this week, the bridge is expected to be open by early spring, subject to disruption caused by bad weather or COVID-19-related issues.

During these works the rotten timber decking and parapets will be replaced, once again making this bridge safe for public use.

Bedford Borough Cllr for Kempston West, James Valentine (Labour), has led the fight to get these works underway.

He said; “The Mill bridge was very well used, I know Kempston residents have greatly missed the access to Great Denham and the surrounding countryside.

“I’m sure everyone will look forward to using the bridge again and I hope it will be robustly repaired as soon as possible.”

Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “I am really pleased the works are starting on Kempston Mill Bridge.

“Once the rotten and unsafe parts of the bridge are replaced, we will be able to reopen this right of way and make it available to the public once again.”

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