Over 75s now offered Covid vaccine as new centre opens at Bedford Heights

79-year-old Jean Wright was able to have her Covid vaccination at Bedford Heights today

Over 75s in Bedford Borough are now being invited to book their Covid-19 (coronavirus) vaccines at one of two new centres to open in the county.

As reported in the Bedford Independent on Friday, a new vaccination site has opened at Bedford Heights on Manton Lane, welcoming its first patients at 8am this morning (Monday).

79-year-old Jean Wright was among the first of the under-80s to receive her vaccine at Bedford Heights.

She said: “It’s wonderful, I’m just so pleased to have it. I’d definitely encourage other people to have the vaccination.”

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Bedford Heights will be joined by another centre later in the week Priory House in Shefford.

People aged 75 and over are being invited to book a vaccination at these centres or at one of more than 70 pharmacy services now operating across the country.

If someone cannot or does not want to travel to a vaccination centre when they are invited, they can still wait to have their vaccination at a local GP service or hospital hub.

As well as the vaccination centres and pharmacy vaccination services, there are now more than 1,000 GP services and over 250 hospital sites offering vaccinations in England.

Health and social care staff working in Bedfordshire will also be able to receive their vaccination at either Bedford Heights or Priory House.

Both these vaccination centres are being run by Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust (HCT), who have set the centres up with the support of Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Groups (BLMK CCGs), Bedfordshire Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council, Verve Developments Ltd and local volunteers.

Dr Sarah Whiteman, the Medical Director and putative Chair of BLMK CCGs said: “We have been working hard with our partner organisations in the lead up to opening these centres.

“We can now welcome local people in the prioritised age groups with confirmed appointments to receive their vaccine, along with health and social care workers from across our area.

“This represents a big step forward in helping to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. My sincere thanks go to everyone, volunteers, partners and NHS staff who have worked around the clock to deliver this programme.”

This new centre joins Kings House on Ampthill Road and the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Queens Park.

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