Over 60 bags donated to Love in a Bag thanks to Kempston gym

The HG Fit crew with Mel Stratton of Love in a Bag Bedford (centre). Image: Carl Ahearne photography
The HG Fit crew with Mel Stratton of Love in a Bag Bedford (centre). Image: Carl Ahearne photography

A Kempston gym has donated over 60 bags filled with toiletries and other essentials to Love in a Bag Bedford who support local women in need.

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Love in a Bag Bedford was founded by Mel Stratton in 2018 after seeing a Facebook post that her sister, who lives in Australia, shared of a similar project and thought she could do the same here.

The project works with charities across the area, helping get much-needed essentials like toiletries, sanitary wear and other things to the people those charities support.

Matty Hollingdale, Co-owner of HG Fit, encouraged members to donate bags to the charity and was blown away with the response.

“It’s amazing to see our community come together and support such an important cause,” he said.

“We started March Madness as an intramural competition to run alongside ‘The Open’ (a global sports fitness event), but we know that we wanted to support our local community at the same time.

“We’re blown away with the amount of bags that our generous members donated”.

Mel attended the Friday Night Lights session herself to thank the members for their generosity, and to introduce the final workout of the competition.

“I’ve been really lucky in building some great working relationships with local businesses. The kindness of places like HG Fit, who choose to support me when they run events such as the Fitness Challenge is just amazing,” she said.

HG Fit supports many charities throughout the year and last year saw members raise over £1,000 for a member’s husband’s heart operation.

A 24-hour event saw members complete as many triathlons on gym equipment as possible in one day.

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