Over 36,000 speeding notices issued across Bedfordshire in first six months of 2019

Traffic Police making enquiries

Bedfordshire Police have revealed they’ve handed out 36,000 notices of intention to prosecute for speeding in the first six months of 2019.

The figures were released to highlight the force’s commitment to support a campaign across Europe targeting speeding drivers.

The number of notices handed out in our county was the higher than any other area covered by the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit (BCH RPU):

  • Bedfordshire: 36,541
  • Hertfordshire: 35,751
  • Cambridgeshire: 26,755

“We know speed is one of the main contributing factors of collisions in our counties and I would urge people to stick to the speed limits, which are there to keep us all safe,” said sergeant Ian Manley, of the BCH RPU.

The force has now stepped up its efforts to tackle speeding drivers.

When not responding to emergencies, officers will be carrying out checks as well as engaging with, and educating, drivers.

The majority of activity will be focussed at key locations where the most people were killed or seriously injured in collisions within the three counties they cover.

Sgt Manley added: “There are around 90 fatal collisions across the three counties each year and speed is a factor in a number of these.

“For me the message is simple: slow down to save lives.”

A notice of intended prosecution is a notice from the police that an offence has been recorded and that they intend to prosecute the person responsible.

Money collected from speeding fines speeding fines and penalty receipts is paid into a Consolidated Fund managed by central Government.

It is then used towards general Government expenditure and is not ring-fenced for specific spending or paid directly to the police force who issued the fine.