“Outstanding” Bedford law graduate to join elite London law firm


A University of Bedfordshire student who volunteers at Citizens Advice has accepted an offer of a legal training contract with the renowned multinational law firm, Linklaters LLP.

Zakia Wafa, a third-year student based in Bedford on the LLB Law degree, will start her training with Linklaters in 2024 and will be based at their London office.

The training contract lasts for two years, during which time Zakia will have the opportunity to sit in four different departments at the firm for six-month periods – a process to help trainees identify the legal specialism in which they wish to practice full-time, post-qualification.

A member of the so-called ‘Magic Circle’ of elite London-headquartered law firms, Linklaters has offices in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Leila Moghadam, trainee recruitment and development manager at Linklaters, said: “It was great to welcome Zakia onto our Spring Vacation Scheme and for her to spend two weeks in the Linklaters London office.

“I am delighted that Zakia will be joining us as a Trainee in 2024.”

Zakia said she was excited to be starting her legal career at Linklanters and thanked the University for its help.

“I had great support from the Law lecturers at the University of Bedfordshire, in particular Chris Dixon who was also my personal tutor.”

During her time at the University, Zakia has been involved in a number of co-curricular activities, including volunteering for work placements with local solicitor’s firms, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, and assisting with the University’s own student-led Law Clinic.

Chris Dixon, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Bedfordshire’s Business School, said: “Zakia has been an outstanding student. Not only has she consistently achieved exceptional grades at the highest level but she has at the same time developed her employability throughout the years of her degree course.

“Zakia is a very capable and intelligent young lady who fully and enthusiastically engaged with her lecturers and peers in whatever Law subject she was studying and always with a very positive and friendly attitude.

“She has been a role model for Law students in the years below her. To secure a Training Contract with Linklaters is truly wonderful. A delight to teach, I wish her every success in the years ahead as she progresses to become a professional lawyer.”

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