Official reopening of the Barley Mow will raise the rainbow flag over one of the country’s oldest LGBT pubs


One of the oldest, most established LGBT venues in the country, The Barley Mow on St Loyes Street in Bedford, will officially reopen this Friday at 2pm.

Experienced licensees, Katee and her father Stuart Turtill have recently taken over the pub owned by Admiral Taverns.

With a combined 28-years of experience in the pub industry, the dynamic duo and their team aim to preserve the pub’s reputation and retain its strong roots as an established LGBT venue.

Their plans include more community events and extending trading hours so customers can enjoy the pub throughout the day.

Katee Turtill, Licensee of the Barley Mow said, “Everything about the Barley Mow drew us to it; it’s a great pub with a fantastic community following.

“For that reason, we aren’t looking to change it too much, rather we want to enhance what people already recognise as being signature to the Barley Mow.

“I absolutely adore the pub; the customers are lovely, and I really want to make it that fun place for people to come back into.”

Following the re-launch, events planned include a monthly cabaret show and special weekly theme nights such as fancy-dress evenings, Ru Paul Drag Race nights, Rum and Reggae nights and Pop and Cheese nights.

Resident Drag Queen host and karaoke master, Fanny Burns, will continue to entertain locals every Wednesday night with a DJ secured for both Friday and Saturday nights. Those visiting the pub for a tipple will be impressed by the extensive selection of fantastic draughts, spirits and signature cocktails which can be enjoyed in the spacious beer garden outside.

The Barley Mow will celebrate its official grand re-opening on Friday 7 February at 2pm.

Special guest, Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford, will host the ribbon-cutting ceremony and raise a new LGBT flag above the landmark pub.

Throughout the day, a special karaoke line-up will be hosted by the lovely Fanny Burns following the ceremony through to the evening with resident DJ Brumby taking to the decks from 9pm onwards. The dress code and theme of the day will be smart-casual attire with a rainbow theme.

Business development manager for Admiral Taverns, Mick Sheridan said, “I am thrilled to have Katee and Stuart on board at the Barley Mow and look forward to working with them.

“Both of them are incredibly experienced and have fantastic reputations. Both Katee and Stuart understand the importance of this community pub and have a strong vision to keep this a fantastic asset to the local community.

I am very excited to see the new Barley Mow and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful events they have planned over the next few months.”

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