North East Bedfordshire MP says more public service planning needed

Richard Fuller MP speaking in Parliament
Richard Fuller MP speaking in Parliament

MP for North East Bedfordshire, Richard Fuller (Con), has said that more needs to be done to take into account shortages of public services, like GP appointments, because developments have not been properly planned.

Speaking in Parliament on Monday, he offered the government what he calls an ‘oven-ready’ deal for its new Infrastructure Fund.

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This would include an integrated plan on East West Rail, the realignment of the A1, improved health services and housing development.

“North East Beds is already shouldering a substantial amount of the nation’s need for housing and as a result, we can see the shortages of public services like GP appointments because developments have not been properly planned,” he said.

“With the decision on East West Rail imminent and the need for more housing, an integrated infrastructure deal that I am proposing for Bedfordshire can break the log jam on the realignment of the A1 and ensure access to adequate public services.”

The Bedford Independent asked Mr Fuller for specific details and information on what his ‘oven-ready’ plan would include and how it would work, but he declined to comment further.

His office, however, says he has called for a meeting with the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to consider his deal.

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