NHS Support & Kindness group partners with charity to deliver essentials to frontline hospital staff

NHS Support & Kindness
Danielle Britten set up NHS Support & Kindness

A community group, set up to support NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic, is partnering with Bedford Hospital Charity and Friends (BHC&F) to make sure that frontline staff can get hold of essential items.

NHS Support & Kindness was set up by Danielle Britten and her fiancé Jamie Whitehead, with support from Dragos Lazar.

“We came across the video [on Facebook] that I am sure most people have seen of a lady who works within the NHS crying because she couldn’t get the essentials she needed from her supermarket.

“We took it upon ourselves to start this page which within minutes exploded with friend requests.”

The group now has over 1,200 members and is raising money and collecting donations of food and essential items for Bedford Hospital staff.

Danielle has shaved her head and Jamie has shaved his eyebrows off, to raise money for the cause.

To streamline their activity, the group has partnered with BHC&F, and their first coordinated delivery to the hospital took place yesterday (Wednesday).

Deborah Inskip, Chair of the charity, said, “I am delighted to say that NHS Support and Kindness are now partnering and coordinating with us to deliver goodies to the hospital.

“The idea of us coordinating is so that there are not too many comings and goings from the hospital Catering Department so causing least distraction to the catering staff.

“Alongside the donations from NHS Support & Kindness, we’ve also delivered 1,000 cakes from La Rondine and Jaswinder Kumar, President of Sri Guru Ravidass Sabha has donated health bars and biscuits this week. This week, BHC&F are supplying daily fresh fruit from AB fruits and Bookers.”

The coronavirus outbreak has brought out the best in Bedford’s communities and many people have volunteered via the council’s community hub website and also the Bedford Kindness Facebook group.

Said Danielle, “Our main aim is to ensure these amazing NHS staff have everything they need in their daily lives taking one stress away from them.

“Any NHS staff that require our help can contact us and we will make a home delivery to them based on their household size and what they require.”

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