New ‘super coffee shop’ planned for Bedford Town Centre

coffee beans like a pot and cup

A new ‘super coffee shop’ is planned for the centre of Bedford town after developers said they wanted to cash in on Bedfordians’ love of coffee.

Stultum Developments are creating what they say could be “Britain’s first super café” where “hundreds of people can drink hundreds of coffee varieties and styles under the same roof”.

A spokesperson said: “Bedford is the perfect place to do this. It’s clear Bedford locals love coffee – just look at how many coffee shops there are and they’re all really popular.”

The new ‘caffeine castle’ will be installed in the former BHS building just a few feet away from one of Bedford’s many Costa Coffee shops.

Planners say there’ll be an onsite roasting room and people can even book to roast their own blend to take home.

But, they hope people will be enticed to stay by enjoying a latte while visiting a permanent exhibition dedicated to the “controversial history of coffee shops in Bedford”.

“We wanted to acknowledge that there are loads of coffee shops in Bedford, more than any other town, probably, but if you look at Facebook not everyone is happy about that.

“So, we’re also going to have ‘Soapbox Sundays’ where people can moan about anything they want to anyone who can be bothered to listen.

“But,” added the spokesperson, “there must be a reason for so many coffee shops in one town and for them all to be doing so well and we want a cup of that coffee cash.”

Developers say they’re also seeking permission to build a private roadway behind the store so people can ‘drive thru’ and “collect a coffee on their way to shopping in MK or Rushden Lakes”.

How the 'Super Coffee Shop' might look
How the ‘Super Coffee Shop’ might look.

Update: Now it’s midday we are tradition-bound to reveal that this is of course was an April Fool. We managed to fool some, but we need to get up earlier to fool most of you.

Thanks to all of you though for joining in with the fun. Of course, we celebrate all the businesses in Bedford and as long as the coffee shops in our town, independent or chain, are here employing people and contributing to the local economy they will always be welcome.

PS: Did you pick up on the clue? ‘Stultum’ is Latin for ‘foolish’.

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